Yasmin Elayat



Yasmin Elayat (@yelayat) is a new-media storyteller, experience designer and creative technologist. Her work pushes the boundaries of immersive storytelling experiences ranging from new media documentary to immersive environments and interactive installations. Yasmin leverages emerging technology to create new forms of storytelling constructs, narrative frameworks and techniques to build engaging experiences that are collaborative and community-driven.

Yasmin is the co-creator of 18DaysInEgypt, a participatory interactive documentary about the Egyptian Revolution which was named one the Moments of Innovation in Participatory Documentary by MIT Open Documentary Lab and IDFA DocLab. In 2014, Yasmin was named one of GOOD Magazine’s GOOD 100 for her work as “an interactive documentarian pushing the world forward in inventive and inspiring ways”. Yasmin is a Partner and Creative Director at Scatter, an immersive media studio specializing in translating today’s most important stories through the creative use of technology into virtual, digital and physical worlds.