Sarah Rothberg


Sarah Rothberg (@sarahrothberg) began working in VR from a critical approach, in the wake of the announcement that Facebook bought Oculus. She has since developed several distinct connections with the VR space: as an artist showing work at bitforms gallery, MUTEK VR salon, University Galleries of Illinois, and most recently LACMA (with the Hereafter Institute); as the VR Experience Director at VRB (at Samsung Accelerator);  and as developer and instructor of a course called “Directing Virtual Reality” at NYU Tisch. Her recent interests in VR are abstract communication interfaces, the relationship between personal memory and virtual space, and trying to make versions of the future that are challenging, thoughtful, and goofy. Current endeavors include: Blobchat (a WhateVR venture), a narrative experience called Oops I put on the wrong headset, and a book of poems about VR.