Ryan Pamplin


Ryan Pamplin (@ryanpamplin) is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a deeply rooted passion for augmented reality. Ryan’s been waiting for AR to usher in the future of computing since he first got glasses at age 7. He co-founded BrandAds which was acquired by the leader in TV advertising. The software is now used by nearly every Fortune 100. Previously, Ryan founded an award-winning creative agency best known for a 2013 Super Bowl ad.

Ryan is VP at Meta, a company which has been defining the field of Augmented Reality (AR) since its inception in 2012. It exploded into the marketplace with the first see-through glasses that allowed wearers to move and manipulate 3D content intuitively, using natural hand interactions. With its new Meta 2 headset, Meta is once again setting the market standard and delivering a new generation of natural machines that will become a healthy, vital extension of who we are.