Michael Naimark


Michael Naimark (@naimark) has researched and developed immersive realities since the early 1980s. In the name of real-world immersive capture, Naimark has developed technologies to capture the activities of locals in Aspen, eco-activists in Banff, bomb squad defusers in Jerusalem, camel drivers in Timbuktu, soldiers in Cambodia,  sex workers in Paris, and protesters on Wall Street. And in the course of producing immersive public art experiences, he has rotated viewers on motorized floors, enlisted multiple attendants per single viewers, and spray-painted living rooms white. His projects and writings rank #1 on Google searches for terms like consumer immersive viewer, VR webcams, live global video, and camera zapper and he occasionally serves as faculty at USC Cinema’s Interactive Media Division, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and the MIT Media Laboratory. In 2015, Michael was contracted as Google VR’s first resident artist.